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About Us

Hello. Welcome to Ellie Grace!


In 2021, Michael and Jiali quit their full-time engineering jobs and moved to a little suburb called Terrigal in Central Coast NSW to chase the dream of creating a meaningful brand that could reinforce love and connection in the midst of the pandemic.

The name ‘Ellie Grace’ was formed to portray a guardian angel who will always be looking out for you. The name ‘Ellie’ means shining light and ‘Grace’ means beauty and joy, together it forms a beautiful name for our guardian angel who always shines light when things are looking cloudy, always exposing the beauty within you to spread joy to the world. With the blessing of Ellie Grace, the brand hopes to encourage others to spread more love and gratitude to themselves and to the people who mean the most. 

With a passion to pursue purpose, the couple aims to transform the way we view jewellery through meaningful phrases that touches hearts. At Ellie Grace, we create with purpose – by consciously offering meaningful designs, customers can always share and express who and what matters most.

Designed with Love and Written from the Heart 

At Ellie Grace, we thoughtfully write every meaningful and inspiration phrase that accompanies our products. We write from our heart, our experiences, leveraging the stories and experiences of our customers to create beautiful messages that touch the hearts of thousands.

The brand’s mission is to spread love and care to every individual along with the people they care for the most. They believe that sharing is the true vehicle for connection – when we share our love we find ourselves elevating our emotion to a higher level, where the heart beats with gratitude and joy, this way we know, that we are not alone in our journeys.

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